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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

I've quit the gym and I'm going back to exercise DVDs

I've been messing about not going to the gym for about a year now.  Actually tell a lie, I was doing OK up to about May last year, then it got really hot (not complaining) so I didn't go and after that every time I thought "I must go and do a workout" my brain found really good excuses not to go.

So, before Christmas I handed in my notice and officially finish on 31 January.  After I'd sent my email I felt almost relieved, after all I was literally burning money every month because I wasn't going.  I guess you could say I was burning money not calories!  Anyway, over Christmas I've been thinking about alternative exercise.

I already do two pilates classes a week and they are great, actually I've missed them a lot over Christmas but I also need do something that raises my heart a bit but doesn't hurt my knees.  I decided  to dig out my old Davina DVD's.  I started exercising with Davina in 2005 and I've always had really good results.  More recently I haven't done them because there wasn't much room in the living room but we've had a massive clear out and moved some of the kids toys into a different room so now there is actually room to jump about a bit.

So that's what I'm going to do, dust off the old DVD's, push the furniture back, and off we go!

My favourite DVD is Davina's first one 'The Power of Three' because I love the music and the leg and bum section is really tough, I seem remember there's a lot of squats which I hate but which are very effective for toning up.

My second favourite is her 'Three 30 Minute Workouts' - this is great because there are three separate 30 minute sections with warm ups and cool downs included and one section is a boxercise session which is great fun although you have to make sure you don't inadvertently kick the furniture, you need to make space.

And the one in the photo below, 'Super Body Workout' is another favourite because it's literally a mix of everything.  I think the sessions are 40 minutes so they are a bit longer but that's great if you've got time for a longer workout.

So for now it's goodbye to the gym and hello to living room exercise.  Yesterday evening I sat down and watched the whole DVD from start to finish just to familiarise with the exercises again.   I'm feeling quite motivated about it at the moment and hope to start towards the end of the week when I have a free morning.  Further updates on my progress in the near future!

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