Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette

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Yesterday was a good day because I found out that Urban Decay were doing a mini Naked Heat palette.  

The full size Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was released last year and there was much excitement among the beauty world because this selection of eye shadows was a little different to their previous few palettes.  It's called Naked Heat for a reason, because all the shades are beautiful and warm shades of brown, coral and burgundy.  Really pretty.

I admit I dithered about this palette though because I really wasn't sure that I'd be able to make good use of all the colours, lovely though they are.  I like value for money palettes and I think £40.00 for something you'll only use a few colours in is a bit steep and a bit of a waste.  Even when I went to Sephora in the US I still couldn't bring myself to part with however many dollars it was.  I decided I'd made the right call and bought myself a Milani palette with similar colours for about $12 instead.  Job done. 

But going back to yesterday, seeing the Naked Heat Petite pallete changed my mind again.  It's so pretty!

It's got six of the best colours, all I think would be completely useable because they aren't too dark or 'off the wall'.  The first three colours are light and good for a daytime eye, the second three are darker and can be used for a smoky eye or as a liner, particularly the last darkest brown colour. 

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat

This costs £26.00 which I feel is much more manageable and better value as all of the colours can be used.  I'm very happy with my Naked Basics palette in fact I'm on my second one, not so impressed with the Naked Basics 2 as the colours are lighter and I don't get much use out of them but I probably need to give more of a try.  

The thing about the UD eye shadows is that they are really good quality, not much fall out, if any, and really good to blend.  They also last a long time particularly if an eye shadow primer is used and don't tend to smudge if you rub your eyes accidentally!

So ... this palette is now on my wishlist.  I don't need it but I will use it.  

Thanks Urban Decay!

**Photocredit Urban Decay


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Bliss Thinny Thin Chin Cream

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Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...One of the things that I noticed last year was my neck, I'd never noticed before but there are lines appearing on it now, irritating but to be expected I suppose. I've always been a bit rubbish with moisturising my neck, absolutely resolute day in, day out for my face but sort of forgot my neck (I'm the same with my hands, they always need a bit of tlc).  I was browsing in M&S before Christmas, I absolutely love the M&S beauty department by the way, there's so much to see and it's nicely set out and I came across the Bliss brand. Now, I was looking for a hydrating face cream, not a neck cream and I did get a Bliss face cream which I'll review separately but I spied this cream and couldn't resist.

Who are Bliss?

Bliss are brand used in Spa's all over the US, I guess it's a bit like the Champneys Spa's, the products are for the Spa but you can get them in the shops as well.  You can also to a Bliss Spa here in the UK (see website for info).  Anyway, Bliss are big business, all their skincare products are devised by dermatologists and plastic surgeons so it's pretty safe to say that if they say it's a product that will help ageing skin then it probably will.

The Cream

Firstly, how cute is the name of this product? Everyone wants a thinny, thin chin and if it can be one where the lines are hidden then so much the better.  It comes in a pump action bottle which I really like because it means that you don't end up getting too much out and not being able to put it back.  I hate waste and at that price (£33.00 for 50ml) you really don't want to waste a single particle.

The cream is smoothed in upwards strokes on your neck and chin and also works on the dΓ©colletΓ© and cleavage crease area too (I've got little lines there as well).


Well, I'll say this for the Bliss Thinny Thin Chin Cream, I did notice an difference, once it sinks in it sort of tightens everything immediately.  You're supposed to put it on twice a day but I always forget at night and only do it in the morning.  I think once I start wearing t shirts with lower necks and ditch my polo neck jumpers I'll be more aware that I need to use it!  It also has a really gorgeous smell and it's not greasy, it doesn't leave icky residue all over your hands that you feel you have to wash off.

The ultimate test is whether the product would make it into my basket again, and this really would.  There's a little intake of breath at the £33.00 price tag, however I don't mind paying for something if I think I'm getting something out of it, and with this I do.  It matches the price of the other high end brands in the M&S beauty department, actually some are more expensive so it's a swings and roundabouts situation I guess, personal preference and all that.  I'm actually quite pleased that I tried the Bliss products, I wouldn't be adverse to trying something else in their range, I would quite like to give the Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Gel a try.


A Basically Beauty Welcome

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Hello and welcome to Basically Beauty.

What is it and who am I?  Read on!

A blog for forty plusses πŸ’…

I've been in the 'blogosphere' for a while now, since I started my other blog Beauty Aware five years ago.  I've realised over this time that I only actually ever read a few blogs (less than about ten) where the products that are reviewed are 'age appropriate' and by that I'm talking about getting older and all that comes with it, the lines, the skin changes, the way all of a sudden black eyeliner makes me look like Rocky Balboa after five rounds with Mr T, so I've had to switch to grey or dark brown.  It occurred to me that it might be helpful to share all the little ageing changes and the products I'm using now.  The reason it's for forty plusses is because it was around the age of 40 that I noticed my face start to change a bit and started changing my products regularly, mainly face wash and moisturiser.  I remember doing a lot of face wash research as they all seemed to be drying my skin out around that time.

How I feel about ageing πŸ’…

I'll be honest, I really don't mind about getting older.  My philosophy is that despite trying to put the brakes on it, nobody has ever invented a 'stop ageing' drug so we really need to just accept and embrace it.  For older women, the beauty industry is mainly tailored to make us feel like we need to do everything in our power to look young but actually I don't want to look young, I just want to look and feel the best that I can at the age I am.  And if I can find a product to disguise the little ageing things that annoy me when I look in the mirror then so much the better.  Just because we want to look our best doesn't make us vain, it's a personal thing.

My beauty background πŸ’…

I'm not a make up artist or a hairdresser and the only thing I've done in the beauty industry is work for Avon for a little while (which was quite a beauty learning experience let me tell you).  So, I'm not an expert but I have been wearing make up for 30 years, tried several hundred skin and hair care products and an avid beauty magazine and book reader.  So I know what works for me and what doesn't and that's what I want to share, plus any good advice I get from anywhere else!  There's a bit more about me on the aptly named About Me page if you want to know a bit more.

My photos πŸ’…

I'm intending to splash quite a few photos of my face on this blog, mainly to show colours, blusher, lipstick that kind of thing.  I don't airbrush anything out of my face at all, what you see is me, as far as it can be seen on a screen I guess.  For photos of make up I'll always try to get the colour as close as I can to the real thing as it's unhelpful not to.  I don't have a fancy camera so I do have to do some lightening of my make up photos at times.

Finally ... πŸ’…

I really hope people enjoy reading this blog, I can't say how frequently I will post at the moment even though I am determined to properly blog plan for this one but what I will say that I will love it just as much as I love Beauty Aware and I hope people find it useful.  Let's get some beauty chat going forty plusses (and anyone else who wants to join in!)

Love, Maria

Fancy picture of some make up brushes - mine aren't that clean!

*Photo credit:  Free image from Pixabay