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Monday, 6 August 2018

Perricone MD No Make Up Foundation

So, I'm on the plane on Wednesday and the announcement goes out about duty free coming round, would we like anything?   Ooh I think, yes I would.  After a little bit of dithering I decide to get the Perricone MD No Makup Foundation SPF 30.

It was in the brochure as being recommended by Harpers Bazar (good, I think, they don't make mistakes) and is infused with 'Alpha Lipoic Acid' which  ...

"minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores over time"

Benefits are ...
  • Instant sheer coverage with a natural no-make up texture and finish
  • Corrects and evens skin tone
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Doesn't it sound great?  Read below the photo to find out what I think!

I've worn it a couple of days now.  The first day I wore it with a primer like I always wear foundation.  Mistake.  The No Foundation Foundation is SPF 30 and therefore has a sort of sticky feel to it.  It does not glide on very well if you're primed!

The second day I did not prime first.  Went on much better.

The first day I put too much on.  The second day I did fewer drops.  Went on much better.

The first day I couldn't see the difference between my face and the 'no make up make up'.  I know that  is the point but you still want it to look like something don't you?  It's slightly unnerving at first because it does look very tan colour in the bottle and if you're pale like me you automatically think you're going to end up looking orange, luckily that didn't happen, it takes on the base tone of your natural colour (which is what it said it would do!).

The second day I asked my mother in law (who I am on holiday with) to observe whilst I put it on.  She said she could definitely see the difference but it was a fresh glow.  Later that day I gave it to her to use and when she'd finished you could tell.  It just gives a very healthy, even tone to your skin.  Result.

The truth is that had it not been for the fact that this was reduced in price because it was Duty Free I wouldn't have bought it, I'm not in the habit of spending too much on a foundation that might not even suit me.  But it was a gamble that paid off because I really like it and I'd definitely recommend it.  It will probably also last quite a long time because you really don't need as much as I was putting on at first.

I have since been on the website for more Perricone MD products ...

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