Forty-something beauty, reviews and the truth


Basically Beauty is for women and men aged 40+ who want to read about beauty and skincare from someone whose first eyeliner was bright blue in 1986 and who is very definitely now in her mid-forties.

The 'blogosphere' is full of young, sprightly twenty somethings who have perfect eyeliner flicks and whose skin is as soft and wrinkle free as a baby's bottom.  Don't get me wrong, I love reading what they write and completely admire the skill with which they apply make up and create fantastic looks but I do find that some of the products they use aren't relevant to me as I need products to reduce the visibility of the lines on my face, the grey in my hair and the never ending battle I have with my poor dry feet!

So, while I hope everyone who reads this blog (and everyone is welcome) will find it useful and hopefully fun, the majority of the content is for the forty plusses who love their beauty and make up but need it to be accessible both in terms of relevance and budget.


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