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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Guess My Age Cream by Laidbare

Guess my age, go on, guess!

I love it when I discover a face cream that I really like, that I would definitely buy again and that absolutely does not break the bank!

Seriously, one of the nicest creams I've tried on my face recently is Guess My Age Anti-Ageing Treatment Cream by Laidbare.  It arrived as part of my Love Lula beauty box in February but I didn't take much notice of it until recently when I ran out of my Elemis (which is gorgeous but you need a second mortgage to buy it).


For a 50ml pot it's £9.99 which is really good value for such a good cream.  When I first put it on it felt a bit tacky on my face but sinks in immediately leaving skin soft and is a great base for primer and make up afterwards.  It's got a lovely refreshing smell too, lovely for first thing in the morning.

What's in it?

Laidbare products are organic and made with only natural ingredients and not tested on animals, beautifully suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.  Guess My Age cream has got Active Prodejine and Exotic Flower Oil in it which is great wrinkle busting stuff.  Laidbare seem to know that they can't turn back time unlike some anti-ageing cream claims but use natural products to boost collagen and plump skin.  I have to admit that my skin does feel plumped and smooth and really soft actually.

I'm not going to compare it to Elemis as they are completely different creams though both are lovely.

Laidbare also sell another cream for mature skin that I want to try it's called 9 to 5 anti-ageing cream, definitely worth a try for only £7.99.

You can find the Laidbare website and link to the cream here.

Have you guessed my age?

I'm 45 (46 in July).

Guess My Age?  By Laidbare

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