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Friday, 6 April 2018

Spain and Sun and Sunburn

The Winter has basically been horrible so I am very glad to be sitting here in Spain for a week with some sun and temperatures that are higher than 8 degrees celsius.

We arrived yesterday after a very early flight from Manchester (0650 takeoff), the rain was streaming down the dark windows of the EasyJet flight as we left, usually I hate take off but I was desperate to get above the clouds as I knew the sun must be lurking there somewhere.  And it was.  Phew.

I always knew how important sunlight was but now I'm completely convinced that I need to at least see it regularly otherwise I feel really depressed and down.  So it was lovely yesterday to arrive mid morning to bright sunshine with a little breeze and when we got to the villa the birds were singing and the water feature was tinkling away.  I love water, I find it really relaxing (not a fan of boats though, I only like water while I am on dry land!).

So early!

The Rock and the Sun

My feet - pre sun scorch

Yesterday however, was not one of my beauty high five days.  I'm quite ashamed to say that I got sunburnt.  I pride myself on being absolutely on top of the whole sun block thing as I'm very fair and have red hair plus I would never not slather the kids in it.  But yesterday husband took care of the kids and I just got sidetracked and before I knew it I was burnt.  I wasn't out there long without cream, can't have been more than 20 minutes but wow, the UV rays did a number on my sun starved pale skin.  It's a very long time since I've been burnt and I'd forgotten how sore it is, not to mention the many other health reasons you absolutely should not get sunburnt.

Tips for Sunburn

This is what I did after taking advice from the NHS website.  I also googled Sunstroke just to check.

  • Drink lots of water - skin will be dehydrated so water is essential to rehydrate and keep your temperature down.
  • Cool the skin down with a cool flannel, dabbing gently to take out some of the heat from the skin.
  • Put aloe vera on the skin, or appropriate after sun cream.  Solarcaine is great in the USA, it's cooling and antiseptic so it takes the pain away as well.  You can't get it in the UK unfortunately (but then, we get very few hot days so maybe they think it's not worth it!)
  • Painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen (if appropriate for you) are good for temperature and pain.
  • Be really careful when you get in the shower, if it's too hot it'll bloody hurt!  
  • Next day, cover the entire burnt area (and more) in high factor sun cream and cover up and keep in the shade.
  • If it's really bad, definitely seek medical advice especially if blisters appear.  Mine wasn't that bad thankfully but it could have been.
Since then, I've been covered head to foot in a high SPF and in the shade but I do love the sun, just got to remember that it's bigger and stronger than we are!
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